World Heritage Sites

Welcome! Why did we create this website? The official UNESCO list explains quite well what each UNESCO site is and why it was added to the list, but it doesn’t give information for tourism. The intention of this site is to fill that gap, becoming a one-stop shop for World Heritage tourism information!

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A view along the Seine seen from one bank. Below, lower than street level, is a bank with 2 rows of cafe tables capped with umbrellas. Between the cafe tables and the water is a path with people walking and biking, and a railing along the water. A tourist boat passes under a bridge over the river.

Paris, Banks of the Seine

A 365-hectare corridor that encompasses many of the most famous sights in Paris, spanning centuries of the city’s development.
flowers and fields in the foreground, and Belvedere Palace in the background - historic center of Vienna

Historic Center of Vienna

An urban center with a wide range of outstanding historical architecture, viewed as the music capital of Europe.